We are Boundless

We are Boundless-Systems ,an agile and nimble tech based company currently active in the field of intelligent systems. AI‌ and software and systems development. At Boundless-systems, we’re full of ideas and compassionate about what we do and what we provide. We try to make use of our expertise, and creativity in order to create a more sustainable world for people to live and work in.


Our Vision

We help people innovate, expand and transform their idea’s and thoughts through the adaption of technology. We try on helping people and organizations to articulate their imagination to acheive a better environment. By making use of our expertise in different technologies we are beside are clients in acheving nad creating a better and more efficient system than what they have. We work at the leading edge of technology with experience in a variety of high tech fields. And we position our clients to sustain ongoing technology enabled change by first understanding the people operating the systems, their needs and culture. And we provide tailored solutions based on our understanding. Our unique approach focuses on solving problems by developing a bond between the solution and the client through detailed discovery and understanding process. This unique process leads to the types of systems implemented that has made our clients happy and satisfied. We have experience from deleviring innovative content solutions to exciting new entrepreneurial products and applications internationally. No matter what devices or technologies out clients work on or tend to apply, we’re building the architecture to deliver an integrated experience across all of them.

Our Story

We started off as a small startup company in 2013. We had the vision to help people in the healthcare industry deliver better healthcare to patients by making healthcare process more efficient. After creating successful solutions and products to help well-known hospitals in the region we considered expandeding our solutions and products in other fields. In 2016 the team moved to Sydney Australia to be able to up its world presence and explore the booming market in Eastern Asia. Eversince we have been able to broaden our network of partners and clients to be able to help them take their business to the next level.


Our Team

  Boundless One of the best Software Development company. Riyaqas is at the forefront as the most innovative web development company. Our cost efficient and structured teamwork.
Abdollah Ebadi
Abdollah is our tech guru. He oversees the vision, partnerships and business development of Boundless-Systems an given his love for technology he also leads out R&D.

When it comes to leagl Narges is our person . She oversees the legals of our company frons tart to end, and manages the general operations of Boundless-Systems.

Contact Info

You hava got the next big idea and don't know, where to start? Get in touch so we can have a chat about it
Email: info@boundless-systems.com.au
Phone number: 02-91343911